DOS PC LINK Updates Page.

ONLY for Systems having
Version 3.20 and Higher!!!

25 Dec 2011 Version 3.35 You are Expected to know How to COPY the updated files Properly to your working DEPAC Dyno Directory.

Bill and John at Morrison Engines monitoring the new Combined GrafPlot screen waiting for the Oil and Water temperatures to cool down for the next tests. See the HI Temp alarms for oil and water. Precison Tach Indicator at the Top.

  Get PDF

Adobe PDF of the latest GrafPlot screen Layout with details.

10 Meg wmv Video of ADL controlled pulls on a wet sump BB while monitoring a fast rising oil temperature (no oil coolers). Note the rise in torque after the first Warm-up pull and then slowly drop as the oil temps reach into the Red zone (250+ deg). Note that the Numbers change color to indicate Low -Normal-Hi values. Note the new style Bar-Tach at the top.

Right mouse click and select ''Save Target as...'' and then select copy to disk A:

Plan A: DownLoad file and save and then un-zip to three file(s) onto a Clean floppy disk in drive A:
Copy files to your dyno directory. Put Disk in drive A: At the command line prompt of your dyno directory, type the command COPY A:*.* (Asterisk dot asterisk). This should copy all files (using the dot asterisk wildcard). If done right, DOS will ask you if you want to over-write the existing files. YES! Then DOS will copy the Three updated files from the Diskette to your Dyno Directory.

Plan B: DownLoad depacv3.exe self extracting zip file. Save and then copy (depacv3.exe) to your dyno directory and then Expand by 'entering' DEPAC3V and answering Yes to over-writing existing files. (depac3.exe, depac3.hlp, depac3.txt)

25 Dec 2011: To enable full use of SensorPro Temperature sensors.