DEPAC ADL Control Pictures & Videos

All videos below are using ADL Controls on Stuska®, DTS Power Mark, Froude, SuperFlow®, and Go-Power Dynos.

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Picture from PRI Trade show. Full Operation Load Control on Stuska® 800 Absorber and our DVD mini TV show.

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Picture of 2 simple ways to mount the Load Control Panel. Use the Velcro supplied OR Gravity Drop into a 5.5" by 8" panel cutout.

Just some of our installations... Contact these shops about the operation of this new load control technology.

Aug 2015 - - Record setting NHRA Pro-Stock Snowmoble -- Rich Daly, Dynoport, Union Springs, NY 13160 (315) 253-9631

NHRA Pro-Stock Snowmobile speed record set 5 years ago at Maple Grove.. 160.5 MPH, "and no one has come close"..
285 BHP developed and tuned on DEPAC Dyno "with over 18,000 dyno runs on peaky 2 stroke engines".

800 XP ski-doo that Rich races up Ski-Slopes. "Massaged to 200 Hp in the DEPAC dyno room". Rich can back up runs within 1 horsepower on 250 hp engines, which are very temperature sensitive... Dynoport has the BEST Dyno System.. Proven Results!!!!

Winning the F1 UIM H2O World Championship a 3rd year in a row (also 2nd place).. LINK to Brendan Power's DEPAC/ADL tuned winning Mercury Outboards

Feb 2014 - - 3V Performance - - 6515 Denver Industrial Park, Denver, NC 28037 (704) 966-1030

Froude G490 with DEPAC Updates provide Tom at 3V performance with New Accurate Tools for real engine development.

No Change 2nd and 3rd Backup pulls of 565 BBC Top Sportsman, Super Comp...... All 3 runs within 3/100 %, on average.

Feb 2014 - - Cunningham Racing - - NHRA Pro-Stock Ford 1445 Jackson Rd., Odenton, MD 21113 (410) 451-1942

Closed inlet air ducts are wrong (in so many ways). We convert carb base plate with holes to flood moving air over the top of the motor in an effort to achieve iso-thermal conditions. Constant moving air is key to consistent thermal controls.

Breaking in a new FORD Pro Stock motor. Making a 'short-shift' backup pull. Upgraded SuperFlow 901 with DEPAC Advanced Instrumentation and innovative ADL Controls. Last MGun DOT Bumped the Rev-Limiter. Real tools for serious engine development.

Jan 2014 - - Pine Hill Auto, Carrollton, OH 168 Bacon Rd NW, Carrollton, OH 44615 (330) 495-0677

DEPAC ADL's Simple installation on Portable diesel absorber. Smooth, Natural, and Accurate pull simulations.

 Cummins Twin Turbo 6BT 12 Valve. ADL Control Load simulation of truck pull from 4000 RPM down to 2000 RPM. Hunter Snyder joins the ranks of DEPAC/ADL Turbo-Diesel Tractor/Truck Pull dyno shops.

March 2013 - - Pro Car Associates, Akron, OH. 1100 Triplett Blvd., 44306 330-773-0341

Very early assembly mockup of the modified Clayton dyno setup to handle 3,000+ HP engines

Youtube Video of Chris Wright Mapping a Twin Turbo on their Modified Clayton dyno with our Advance ADL Control. See application of the ADL Warm-Up function.. Also note the 100 RPM steps as the ADL Speed Hold mode increments for engine mapping. Very Stable ADL Control of Engine Load for all water brakes.

March 2013 - - Kistler Racing Engines, Fremont, OH Froude G490 dyno, Sprint 360 and 410, (419) 332-1843

Warmup of MOPAR 410 Sprint using the ADL Control warmup function. Paul Kistler comfortable at the DEPAC Controls.

Two quick pulls. 1st one is just to get Heat and thermal stability for the much better and more accurate 2nd pull (2nd lap).

Immediate 2nd Better backup pull after a 1st pull to get heat into the engine and gain thermodynamic stability.

Video of technique to prevent damage from Torsional Resonance. Always keep the engine speed changing to avoid stress damage.

Jan 2013 - - - F5 Motorsports, Mt. Airy, Maryland.. NHRA Pro-Stock - Another DEPAC/ADL Upgrade for a DTS PowerMark Dyno.

June 2012 - - Mike Stawicki Racing Engines, NHRA Pro-Mod

Pro-Mod Alcohol engine on geared down 10,000 RPM Brand absorber (2.407 ratio) .. Using old Clayton patented recirculating water load control. No fancy 'servo' valves used or needed here, just solenoid open/close valves.. BTW this old mechanical method works far better than any 'modern' speed control. Modern don't mean better..

The absorber starts with a fix amount of water, freely circulating between the dyno and heat exchanger. Note the classic 'Square Law' torque rise with RPM, until you are a full throttle (where this curve intersects the engine's torque curve). Most all water brakes have this type torque curve. The amount of water to start is set by trial and error. The sweep Up load is set by having a solenoid valve release water from this Closed water flow loop. A restrictor outlet valve sets the rate of Load drop (rate of water loss) and the engine follows its natural acceleration ability (unlike the erratic 'monkey motion' caused by so called modern speed controls).
Full Up-Sweep shown here while water is being released from the closed water loop.

Dec 2011 - - Cagnazzi Racing NHRA ProStock. Mooresville, NC

Top and Bottom DEPAC ADL Valve installation on DTS Power Mark Dyno.. YES, Our single ADL valve beats all others that use two valves. Also the DEPAC External Expansion.. Rapid change-over and some of those cables are way too long..

Steve Johns and dyno team at Cagnazzi Engines show real class in celebrating their major performance dyno upgrade with Champagne. Great relief to upgrade to the BEST in Control and testing performance.. Now with DEPAC Very Advanced Tools for serious development and tunning.

Dec 2010 - - Scheid Diesel, Taylor Dyno at 601 E. Aylesworth Rd., Attica, IN 47918, (765) 295-2799

Large Taylor dyno, with gear down box. Kent Crowder in Attica, IN running Tractor Pull Turbo Diesels from 1000 to 2500 BHP.

Dec 2012 update... DEPAC ADL Control easily stabilizes the large Taylor dyno Pull of a 1800 BHP water injection Turbo Diesel to simulate a Dragster or Tractor pull. Scheid Diesel is very pleased to now have a precision stable dyno platform to develope and tune their competition turbo-diesels in a short time. (Hint: Close offer to subscribe to magazine).

June 2010 - - Power Performance Engineering, Brendan Power, 14260 60th street North, Clearwater Florida USA 33760, (727) 573-9288

UIM F1 World Championship and F1 Champboat series. DEPAC-ADL Controlled vertical Stuska with very smooth sweeps.

Mercury V-6 Outboard with vertical driveline. Stuska 400 Brake mounted under engine with vertical LORD elastomer drive line.

June 2010 - - Gray Motorsports. Johnny and Shane Gray, NHRA Pro-Stock, 3498 Denver Dr., Denver , NC 28037, (704) 809-1070

DEPAC-ADL Upgrade to DTS Powermark dyno for NHRA serious Pro-Stock. Smooth Fast Load to start RPM and Smooth consistent Sweep to well beyond 10,000 RPM. Lon Moyer at the DEPAC dyno console.

June 2010 - - Rousch-Yates, 149 Gasoline Alley, Mooresville, NC 28117, James Dudley (704) 658-1540.... DEPAC-ADL Upgrade to DTS
Powermark dyno for serious development of NHRA Pro-Stock and the new Ford 410 Alcohol Sprint engines. (sorry, no pics or videos)

February 2010 - - Speedway Engine Development, Gasoline Alley, Indianapolis, IN

Complete Upgrade of Froude F-24 dyno. Used primarily to maintain equal performance for 50 Infiniti Q45 engines for the Firestone Indy Lights Series. DEPAC-ADL system will allow precise matching of all 50 Q45 engines to the same complex torque curve for equal on-track performance.

Major Upgrade in performance and control, replacing traditional Froude-Consine system.

More details of the ADL Controls on a Froude F-24 dyno, showing the Accumulator Tank. Another PIC

August 2009 - - Bill Jenkins Competition 53 Pennsylvania Ave., Malvern, PA 19355

Bill "Grumpy" Jenkins Upgrades his old SF-901 dyno to Advanced Performance DEPAC-ADL Control. Bret sweeping the Load on a V6 from 7,800 to 10,000 RPM and chugs a larger size soda in celebration. 'Grumpy' now has a brand new dyno for 'real', serious development. Note: The last lean jet change did not work. Results were down and erratic, as shown by the real-time MGun dots, and final graf-plot.

ADL-SF Control valve on In-house re-manufactured, welded-up, re-machined, clearanced, original old SF brake. Bettter than new... Saves the cost of a 'new' SF absorber.

July 2009 - - Paul Pfaff Racing Engines 5362 System Dr., Huntington Beach, CA 92649, (714) 894-7573

YouTube video submitted by Shane Tecklenburg (DEPAC #77 on Stuska 800 dyno). "I must say I was very impressed with the level of control your system has over the load unit. I have tuned on many types of dynos all over the world. Some great and some not so great. But the transformation that their dyno has undergone with your system in control is nothing short of amazing. " Many thanks to: ST Consulting, Huntington Beach, CA 92646 (714)-318-5845.

June 2009 - - Ed Pink Racing Engines 14612 Raymer St., Van Nuys, CA 91405

DEPAC ADL system on Froude G490. Detailed development of a Toyota TRD Midget engine. Natural Sweep to 9400 RPM. Ed Pink now has his 2nd complete DEPAC-ADL packages on his two Froude G490 dynos. DEPAC #548 and #434

Ed Pink's new 2nd dyno console with 19" rack version DEPAC system and ADL Control panel. The best dyno tools available, if quality results are important.

June 2009 - - Esslinger Race Engines (Ford Midget Engines) 1930 Doreen Ave. South ElMonte, CA 91733, (626) 444-4919

Drive Line problems solved using the LORD LCD-150 Elastomer coupling. Important on any engine but essential on a 4 cylinder (or less).

Dan Essllinger showing how easy the DEPAC ADL system operates. Here is Another VIDEO.

FEB 2009 - - MADCAP Racing Engines (V. Gaines). Lakewood, Colorado. (303) 298-0044

DEPAC-ADL Upgrade to SuperFlow dyno. Getting an NHRA Pro-Stock ready to run next. Detailed Dyno Results you can believe in.

ADL Outlet valve mounted on a new SF-902 Absorber. ADL Motor is sealed in oil. Very Quick and Smooth, Natural Load Control.

Having fun with the precise ADL Control on a 637 Super Comp. Joe Jolly and Kevin Smith runing Simulated 5 gear changes from 5800 to 7500 RPM. Note the Machine-Gun dots of realtime engine performance. The ADL Load Sweep RATE was reduced after each gear change.

JAN 2009 - - Larry Morgan NHRA Pro Stock Newark, OH, (740) 366-0984

Larry Morgan's Upgraded DTS Dyno. Upgrade to DEPAC/ADL Control was quick and easy. Performance is greatly improved. All DTS hardware will be removed except the Dyno and Stand. Sweeps are Quick, Natural, and Decisive and the result is Much better data and less damage to the engine.

ADL Valve that replaces the DTS inlet valve. Simple replacement. Results are True, Detailed, and Very Accurate.

The New ADL Outlet Custom gate valve. Removed DTS outlet valve and use part of the DTS hardware to make the easy conversion to ADL Control.

Larry Morgan on a Quick Load and Sweep from 8,200 to 9,800 RPM in 2 seconds. Larry shows how he drinks a Coke and Loves his new High Performance DEPAC/ADL Upgrade.

FEB 2008 - - Laboritto Racing Engines (JL Racing), Dolores (BA) Argentina.

DEPAC-ADL Control on a Saenz Dyno. We took this opurtunity to travel to Argentina to Help many DEPAC Customers.

FORD in-line 6 cylinder Turismo Carretera (TC) normally aspirated racing engine, 3 Liter, 350-400 BHP, 6500 to 9000 RPM.

Johnny Laboritto Very happy with his 2nd DEPAC-ADL system for Saenz Dyno.

DEC 2007 - - Gary Stanton MOPAR Racing Engines. STANTON Racing Engines, 100 Memorial Dr., Nicholasville, KY 40356 (859) 885-7354.

Gary Upgrades his Froude 24 and continues to Smile (after 3 years of ADL Control on his DTS, see below). Also has a New DEPAC/Stuska/ADL.

Froude F24 Dyno with ADL Control Upgrade. Significant improvement in Control for Smooth, Natural, and Precise Loads and Sweeps.

DEC 2007 - - Ray Clayton's Dyno and Machine, Youngstown, OH (330) 533-0565

Street AMC engine for 60's AMX muscle car. Ray has been very helpful with feedback and suggestions when developing LINK Vers3.

Stuska 400 single rotor that can handle well over 1,000 BHP with the DEPAC ADL Controls and Modifications.

Race Engine Development - Mike Kennedy, 105 Darr Airport Rd.,Trinity, NC (336) 434-7272 - SuperFlow 901 Dyno

632 Top-Sportsman. Big Torque and Power here... Valve shown at PRI 06 was easily installed on Mike's SF dyno. Note the Fast Smooth pull from 6200 to 8300 RPM. Also please Note that there is no overshoot or jerky sweep that is the fault of SF speed controls. Dyno control done Right!

SB2 with Smooth sweep from 6,000 to 9,000 RPM. DEPAC ADL+Instrumentation upgrade package for a SF dyno is $17,500 Complete. DEPAC ADL control is a very significant upgrade for SF dynos. ADL Controls the SF dyno like it should be done. (Mike) "A dream come true".

Very Easy and Quick installation of Custom DEPAC ADL-SF control valve for the SuperFlow Dyno. NOTE: The Rugged ADL Valve is trash proof and does not need the high maintainence suction filter. Another View

Chip Ganassi Racing - Froude G490 Dyno - Dodge Nextel Cup, Concord, NC New Video Dec 2006

Plumbing Installation on Froude G490 dyno inlet. Very similar for the Froude F24 dyno.

Dyno Operator making multiple pulls on Dodge Nextel Cup engine from 6,000 to 9,700 RPM

View of ADL Valve controlling Water into the G490. Over 10,000 Pulls with flawless performance.

BRODIX Cylinder Heads 301 Maple St., Mena, AR 71953 Installed 18 Feb 2006

1100 BHP Big Block On Stuska® 800 DEPAC Dyno. Very Smooth and Repeatable Pulls.
DEPAC recently Upgraded BRODIX's Stuska to our specs and added advanced sensors.
Very Amazing that this engine repeated 3 pulls in 30 seconds within 0.001% on curve average.
Jan 2008 Update: GET PIC of Latest Dyno Panel where GrafPlot Screen is Central.

Thanks to BRODIX for the video clip of Mike Thompson making a Quick pull using
the DEPAC-ADL system. GET PIC - of new 60 PPR Tach sensor and Fuel pump drive off back of the dyno.

NHRA Pro Stock - - MOPAR Hemi - - J&J Racing, Roy and Allen Johnson, Greeneville, TN (423) 638-7273 Installed 16 Jan '06

ADL Upgrade for DTS Power Mark Dyno. A significant upgrade in Advanced Load Control and DEPAC instrumentation performance. The ADL valve fits neatly inside the DTS cabinet. Note: Upgrade package is $16,500 complete.

A quick throttle up to 7500 RPM and then a very smooth 2.2 second sweep to 9500 RPM. A consistent and natural 850 RPM/sec torque sweep rate. Roy Johnson is the dyno operator, showing Gary Stanton how to drink a coke (after the pull). Note the Tach indicator at the top of the screen. Also note that the slight RPM overshoot is due to the dyno equalizing water levels.
Get Another Video, Hi-Res, 3 Mb

DEC 2007 Update: After 2 years and thousands of Pulls Roy is Still very Happy with his decision to Upgrade his DTS to DEPAC Performance.

Dodge Nextel Cup Engines - - - Ernie Elliott, Inc., Concord, NC - - Installed 7 Sept 2005.
Many thanks to Tony Cola and Engine Crew.

Video of GrafPlot screen Machine-Gun Dot playback of Sweeps Up and Down on an engine with a steep rise Torque curve. Sweep up from 3,000 to 9500 RPM showing how the ADL system works with a steep torque rise. Get HI-RES 5 Meg

New ADL Control Installation on one Stuska® 800 Dyno at Ernie Elliott's Concord, NC engine shop. One day temporary setup using wire and cable ties to locate tank, lines, power module, and Control Panel. Next to do is a Perminent installation. This engine just completed a Nextel Cup race and is 'broke-in'. PIC at the back

Six Pulls to 'simulate' 3 laps arround a short track to combine into accurate average performance curves. Emergency Stop at 9700 RPM when done for a clean cut and plug check. The ADL is set for a 9700 RPM Rev Limit. See Hi-Res 11 Meg

Using the Break-In Mode to cycle the engine from 6500 to 9000 RPM (for Cam and valve train) followed by a 'demo' Emergency Stop. See Hi-Res 4 Meg

The last 3 of the 6 'simulation' Pulls are Combined and curves compared with a no-change 'simulation' 30 minutes latter. The average Power is the same. Observe the very subtle details in the curves caused by the complex crossover exhaust system. The DEPAC System does Not Filter data and does Not Smooth curves so results are True and Honest. DEPAC is only for those few who know the difference.

SB and BB Late Models - - - SMS Racing Engines, Childersburg, AL (256) 378-8767 Installed 29 Aug 2005 on ST-800 Dyno

SB and BB DIRT Modifieds - - - Morrison Engines, Fulton, NY, (315) 598-4163 - - since April 2004 Updated 1 july 05.
Many Thanks to Pat, Ronnie, John, and Bill for all their help.

Down-Load JPG Pic

PIC of our First ADL Installation at Pat Morrison Engines on a Stuska® 800. Anyone in the Shop can run the dyno.
NOTE: we need to add the 10 Gal accumulator on our next field trip.

Down-Load WMV Video

Video of 3 quick pulls on a Big Block DIRT Modified to see the Magneto backoff on Timing. The DEPAC Dyno System, with ADL Control, is a Very Powerful (yet very simple to use) tool for quick and precise engine testing.

Down-Load WMV Video

Video of the ADL in Speed HOLD Mode. Big Block at Low RPM hi-Torque, where the both the dyno and engine do not like to work. Holds at 3500 and 5000 RPM against big changes in throttle. Mode used for injection Mapping.

Down-Load WMV Video

Video of ADL Warm-Up (Break-in) Mode. Set Part throttle/Load for Start RPM and set End RPM knob. Warm-up Mode cycles continuounsly. Test of Emergency STOP/ShutDown.

NHRA Pro-Stock - - - - - - - - Bob Ingles, J & B Performance, Poughkeepsie, NY. (845) 471-0588 - - - - - -

Down-Load JPG Pic

 PIC of Installation of Load Valve on J & B Performance Stuska® Dyno.

Down-Load WMV Video

 Video of Stuska® 800 - NHRA Pro-Stock - Smooth 2.2 second sweep from 8100 to 9600 RPM.

Pro-Stock & Nitrous - - - - - RaceKrafters, Lancaster, PA. (717) 399-8780 Operating since Oct 2004.

Down-Load JPG Pic

DEPAC Load Valve on RaceKrafter's Stuska® 800. Many thanks to Bob and Craig Wise.

Down-Load WMV Video

 Video of NHRA Pro-Stock fast, smooth sweep from 7100 to 9700 RPM.

Down-Load WMV Video

 Video of 200 shot Nitrous (+45% Boost) and fast sweep from 4200 to 6500 RPM.

The Next 2 Installations were made on our trip out to Indy PRI 2004.

Harley-Davidson XR-750 - - - - F&S Cycles, 7220 N. Dixie Rd., Dayton OH, 45414 (937) 898-8084.

DEPAC Load Valve on chain driven, very old, Stuska® 400.

 Down-Load Video

Smooth Sweep from 5000 to 8500 RPM.
HD XR-750 winner of AMA 1/2 mile at Circleville, OH, 24 Oct 2004. Rider Ricky Marshall.

 Down-Load Video wmv file

Video of Dyno and Smart Load Valve during Torque Sweep. Physics in Action... This is NOT a Herky-Jerky PID speed control widget.
(3 Megs)

MOPAR Midget on DTS-850 - - STANTON Racing Engines, 100 Memorial Dr., Nicholasville, KY 40356 (859) 885-7354.

Down-Load JPG Pic

MOPAR Midget on a DTS-850 Dyno (very similar to a Go-Power). Midget for Tony Stewart in the Chilli Bowl Classic.

 Down-Load wmv Video

Smooth, Natural Sweep from 5000 to nearly 9000 RPM at 330 RPM/Sec. Illustrates DEPAC recommended test procedure using our new Load System. Pickup the throttle twice to full load at the sweep start point to Put heat into the motor AND to check to see if engine is running OK. Third pickup then starts the actual test sweep, by holding down the Test Button.