Order DEPAC LINK4 Upgrade to allow operation of your DEPAC Vers2 and 3 System to run on a Wndows 2000 or latter platform.

NOTE: Version 3 MUST be greater than 3.20, Else either be updated
to 3.20+ or downgraded to older vers 2.78 to have LINK4 work.

Download and Install DEPAC LINK4 now , 12 megs.
Run or Save file and then locate where the file was saved-to and then run-it.

Upgrade includes an Install CD and a SN Encrypted ComPort-to-USB Converter.
Upgrade is shipped using USPS Flat Rate box. But All future program updates
need to be downloaded from www.depac.com/link4-update.htm.

DEPAC LINK4 adds extra expansion features and extra channels using USB
ports to older Classic DEPAC systems.. Our Promise to keep you Up-to-Date.

Blue Box does NOT need to be returned for this DEPAC LINK4 Upgrade, unless
you want to Upgrade from Vers2 to the Advanced Vers3 (recommended @ $950
Which requires the Blue box and CF probe returned to DEPAC to upgrade to Vers3)..

LINK4 Upgrade to Windows PC. $450 Delivered.

Domestic Flat rate mail included.
ADD $45 for International Mailing.

Mail Check to:
DEPAC Dyno Systems
100 Memorial Dr.
Nicholasville, KY 40356
(859) 885-2646

You MUST specify if your DEPAC system is Version 2.xx or 3.xx.
  Older Version 2 is Original Text based DOS
  Newest DEPAC Version 3 is DOS Graphics based, with Machine-Gun Dots.
  Find the System Version Number on the Main Menu screen to right of "Active LINK" box.

You MUST Specify Serial Number of the DEPAC System.

Include mailing address for Flat Rate Box.