New Load Control Technology is a Significant Advancement to control the simple water brake.

Our New Technology is based on Physics and can significantly enhance the performance of any water brake. Turns a brake into an effective Road/Track Simulation.

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DownLoad 31 page Acrobat ADL Control Manual.pdf for Dynos:
Stuska -- SuperFlow -- DTS/Go-Power

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 Complete ADL Control System.

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 Universal Operator Control.

The ADL Control System is now in Production: On-Site installation and Training Recommended.

This is a Simple but Very Major UPGRADE for Froude, Stuska®, DTS, SuperFlow®, AVL, Go Power, Schenck, and many more, that clearly outperforms the high dollar dyno packages and speed controls.

Stuska 400 Outlet Valve
 Stuska® 400 ADL Outlet Valve.

Stuska 800 Outlet Valve assembly
 Stuska® 800 Outlet Valve Manifold.

DEPAC's New Stuska® Outlet Valve is supplied with the ADL system kit. This is superior to the traditional Stuska® outlets and fixes many problems with Most Stuska® installations.

A simple Chart is used to set this valve for engine power and Inlet water Temperature.

Specially modified gate valve.

We needed to complete this Proper water outlet for the Stuska® dyno before we could begin production of the ADL system (and the reason for the long delay). This is a significant improvement and allows the ADL system to work properly and handle more power. We provide a Simple Table to set this valve so it shouldn't be too hard to get it Right. The more idiot proof you make a good product the better. (please no Silly-cone). This Outlet is also ready to add the Stage 2 Valve system when its needed for advanced Load simulations.

LINK to Operating Diagrams View PDF Docs of ADL Control Operation Diagrams.


VERY Simple. Inside is a Powerful Self Contained Computer (PLC).
Very EASY to Install and Operate with one hand operation. (Throttle with Test Button).
Can be run by anyone in your shop, giving you more time.
Increased Productivity and Expanded Capabilities to do much more work.
No complicated, special adjustments needed for proper operation.
Uses your existing Water Pump and also Lets your Dyno handle More Power.
Has a Speed Hold Mode for Engine/Injection Mapping. (in precise 100 RPM increments).
Provides an effective Road Simulation and Inertia Simulation.
Dyno Load and RPM are Smooth, Natural, and Very Repeatable.
Enhanced 'Sense' if something is wrong with the engine (speed controls give no warning).
Can be used on small to large water brakes for testing a very wide range of engines.
Supplied as a Complete kit of needed parts with Clear and Specific Instructions.
Includes a new Outlet Water manifold and Single easy to set valve, using a BHP Table.
Includes a Warm-up (or Break-in) Mode that cycles the engine load/speed.
Your Dyno can now easily handle Nitrous and Turbo-charged engines.
QUALITY and DEPENDABILITY you Expect from DEPAC designed Systems.
EXPANDABLE - significant future options (includes throttle and full test automation+simulation).

NEW TECHNOLOGY: The ADL Control system is Not a Speed control. This system is Superior to any dyno speed controls we have ever seen, at any cost. The Key feature of the ADL system is a Smart Load that's Smooth and Natural and very stable. Imagine your engine is powering a vehicle climbing a steep hill, or grade. The ADL System controls the engine speed by changing the Grade or slope of this simulated hill. Its a very natural simulation and enhances your 'feel' for when the engine is 'not right'. If the engine is running the same then it will reach the same RPM when climbing the same LOAD or Grade setting. Sweeps are also very natural and start by Setting a LOAD or Grade to hold a start RPM at a fixed throttle setting. For a Sweep, this Grade is slowly Reduced to sweep Up (or Increased to sweep Down). So then Imagine that you are in this vehicle on a sustained grade and then the hill starts to slowly flatten out. The engine picks up RPM in a smooth and natural way (as long as the engine is running smooth). The RATE control knob sets how Quickly this Grade changes when sweeping Up or Down, and can range from seconds to minutes. If you start at a Low RPM (hi Load) and start an Up-Sweep, the engine smoothly accelerates Naturally as it comes up on the cam, just as you would experience in the real world. Each sweep, or run 'up the hill', is very repeatable and predictable. Any sweep rate change is primarily due to the engine's ability to accelerate.

Tests can be done at any throttle setting. Set at a fixed cracked throttle to simulate cruising conditions.

At startup, and at low idle speeds, there is no Grade and just a slight engine load. As you increase the throttle, the Grade increases progressively until you reach a balanced RPM at a set throttle position (full or partial). If the engine is repeatable it will reach the Same RPM each time for the same throttle position. Any time you pull back the throttle to an idle the Grade automatically flattens out to a slight road load.

Another Key Feature is that you have an enhanced sense of how well the engine is running, much more than you had with your hand valve, and certainly better than with any speed control. If you make a change to the engine that increases its performance it will reach a higher RPM at the same throttle setting. If the engine has a problem it will not reach the expected RPM and you can see immediately that there is something wrong. Note that Speed Controls, besides being erratic, will run an engine to destruction, sometimes even before you even detect something is wrong.

Included is an optional RPM HOLD Mode. It is a simple speed control that is intended for engine/injection mapping and will hold any set RPM from 1,000 to 12,000 RPM in precise 100 RPM increments.

An extra added feature aids in warming up the engine. In this mode the load is cycled to vary the RPM automatically. You should never let the engine run at a steady speed for warm-up or break-in because of possible destructive torsional resonances.


COST: ADL Control only Upgrade Package for dynos which already have our DEPAC Instrumentation:
  ADL Control add-on is between from $6,950 for SuperFlow and Stuska 800. $5950 most other dynos.

  For a Complete BASIC package including both Quality DEPAC Instrumentation system and ADL Controls:
  SuperFlow Dynos - - - $6950.
  Other common dynos: DTS, Froude, AVL, Go-Power, single rotor Stuska - - $5950
  Dual Rotor Stuska Dynos - - - $6450.
  Added options will increase cost above Basic included sensors. Typical cost with many common oprtions is
  $20k to $24k for Complete Packages, that Includes of DEPAC Instrmentation.

Cost subject to change without notice. Many of your existing sensor, will not plug in directly.

NOTE: Our upgrade replaces all your current electronincs and uses only the Torque and speed sensor.

FUTURE: We will next have an advanced throttle control that will work with the above load control. It will be fast, precise, and versatile. Also we will have a future connection to a PC for complete pre-programed control over the test. Future options will be able to program Accurate Track Simulations, using an added outlet flow control valve. Note: Prices and specifications can change as the system is refined/improved.