The FULL LINK 4.28A CD like Installation to download and install (19 MB) with Demo and tutorial.. Save File, locate the File, and then activate to install..

READ Explaination of LINK4 Demo Test Examples...

you will need FTDI USB drivers for our Comport-to-USB converter that are on the Install CD...
or FT USB Drivers

PLEASE Understand an 'Update' requires that you install it to C:\DEPAC and already have a COMPLETE Full LINK4 installed there.. Just downloading the Update by irself will not Work... . Using the default folder C:\DEPAC.

DEPAC Now provides On-Line support using TeamViewer, where we can interact with your LINK4 screen and so HELP Directly. If you have an Audio input we can also talk over VOIP and not need to be on a phone.

I can provide direct assistance using TeamViewer so I can see your screen and interact. You must have an internet connection. I can also spot any data quality issues and help improve your testing results.

So, when needed, please call us and download the following software to start the remote control tool TeamViewer Quicksupport:
DownLoad and install TeamViewer

Program and file change updates for Existing LINK4 windows Installed DEPAC4 program.

New automated updater now. COPY and Execute "link4xx.exe" on your Dyno PC.

Default Install and Update Folder is C:\DEPAC.
Recommend using a high pixel count monitor, as more is shown on Graf and Spreads.

UPDATE Update Vers LINK 4.28A

Copy to AND Execute file
onto your dyno PC. Update
expects C:\DEPAC folder in use.

Adds Support for 4 extra 10 Channel USB Expansion boxes.
-- REQUIRES DEPAC Version 3 Operating System.........
-- Adds Channels (31-40), (41-50), (51-60), (61-70)
-- Two types.. Analog/Frequency and Type-K Thermocouples.
-- Each expansion box set with Network Address 3, 4, 5, 6.
-- Expansion boxes on a single serial network in any order.

Vers 4.27

2 March 2016 LINK 4.27 (1.7M)
-- Paper Print out of Graf Plots improved. (thanks for feedback)

Vers 4.26A

28 May 2015 LINK 4.26A
-- EDIT.. 'A' version fixes Windows printer problem.(Win7 and Later)..
-- Better support for hi resolution monitors (1920H or more).
-- GrafPlot screen shows Channel Names for hi res monitors.
-- MGun dots always display after playback.
-- more details from user feedback, Thanks for ALL good help.

Vers 4.25

6 Nov 2014 LINK 4.25
-- Corrected scaling issue in printing Graf-Plot to printer.
-- Refined other details with Data Curve printing.
-- made curves essier to see (thicker lines).
-- Print Color functions correctly.

Vers 4.24

18 August 2014 LINK 4.24
-- Added creation of Xcel Tab deliniated files (Exactly as done in Version 3), Thanks Ted..
-- Unified Inertia Settings as it should be.. Thanks for feedback to fix..

Vers 4.23

20 March 2014 LINK 4.23
-- Many details refined and more bugs kilt.
-- Too numorus to list (thanks to more feedback and onsite support)

Vers 4.22

20 Feb 2014 LINK 4.22
-- Repairs Form Overlay (*.OVL) files corrupted by pervious versions (Oops, thanks Bob).
-- ALARMs function properly on Both Bar-Graf and Graf-Plot (clean-up details)..
-- Now displays properly on some wide-screen Laptops that only have 768 Pixel Vertical Screen Size.

Vers 4.21

3 Feb 2014 4.21
-- Added support for Old Version 2 DEPACs that have never been Updated.
-- Plus more detailing and fixes. Feedback to help make better Appreciated..

Vers 4.20

6 Jan 2014 4.20 Start off the New Year
-- Short-Cut to "Windows Explorer" for DISK Management and Backups
-- Within SETUP Allows you to Select highest Monitor pixels for best detail.
-- Many details cleaned-up. Thanks for all your constructive, helpful Feedback....

Vers 4.19

5 Dec 2013 4.19
-- Easier installation of LINK4 Updates..
-- More cleanup on details. Thanks for more constructive feedback..
-- Major feature added.. Ability to detect and correct PC data disk
  read-write errors caused by noisy ignitions affecting PC..

21 Nov 2013 4.18
-- Numerous major and minor bug fixes for a more stable program.
-- works fully with the default minimum monitor 1024 x 768 pixels.
-- prompt for NEW updates available at

3 Nov 2013 4.17
-- Numerous bug fixes on this very new upgrade.

30 Oct 4.16
-- Now has support for Friction Correction (FRC) files.
-- Classic BAR GRAF display is back for those who need.

The Absolute BEST way to transfer all your DEPAC Data from your old DOS PC is to Remove the Hard Drive, even if it no longer boots your old DOS PC. Then get what is called an "External Disk Drive Enclosure" for $20-30 and then put this hard drive into the enclosure. You may already have one of these or your computer guy has one. Handy to have anyway..

Now plug this external DOS Hard Drive into a USB port of you new Windows PC. Windows will recognize this as a new hard drive attached and then assign it a logical drive letter (like D:/). You will see this if you are in 'Windows Explorer' utility. Look for your dyno folder (most likely D:/DYNO) on this logical drive (assumed to be D:\ for example).

Now the best feature of 'Windows Explorer' is the ability to COPY and PASTE an entine folder (with subfolders) to another hard drive location.

Right mouse click on D:\DYNO (for example) and select COPY. Then point to the Root of Drive C:\ and then right click and select PASTE.. Quickly you will see C:\DYNO appear.. Done.. you just copied all your old Dyno system and data to your Windows PC..

When you Install LINK4 it will default to folder 'C:\DEPAC'. Now using 'Explorer' again select all the files and folders in C:\DYNO and PASTE them into C:\DEPAC.. There are should be no files copied that have the same name.. If Windows alerts you that a file has the same name then be safe and do not copy-over (old to new).

Now start DEPAC LINK4 and all your old data will be there to use.. Your old CFG files will still load the same old runs you had seen on your old DOS PC..

Transfer is easy and no lose of info, data, or setups.

Note: Any old configuration (CFG) file loaded will be converted to the new LINK4 format automatically.

NOTE: Now data backups are also easy using the same COPY (C:\DEPAC) and PASTE to an external flash drive root. You can then take this Flash/Thumb drive to another PC and even run the whole DEPAC LINK4 program from the flash drive. DEPAC program is small, fast, and completely self contained to run independantly.