DEPAC Dyno Drive-Shaft Upgrades: Eliminate Damage from Stresses
caused by a Too Stiff driveshaft. The practice of using a Heavy Flywheel, to protect the
driveshaft, can cause serious internal damge to your engine from destructive Torsional Resonances.

A too-heavy flywheel can affect the tune of the engine (as well as damage the engine).

DEPAC Driveshaft upgrades are simple and reliable and the engine runs like it is running in its application.
Eliminates high stress between the engine to the dyno using a stiff driveshaft.
Assembly is dynamically balanced with a low natural torsional resonance.
Provides a Natural load similar to the engine in its application.
Greatly reduces damaging stress. Tune engine to the application.

DEPAC upgrade pilots the LORD LCD-150 coupling so it will always run true and balnced

What the application requires:

The Engine and dyno must be aligned along the same center line.
The engine should be fit with a flywheel equal in inertia as in the application.
No flywheel used for Spints and Midgets.

Complete Upgrade Kit for DTS dynos. ALL Kits $1950.00 Plus S/H

DTS Drive Shaft Drawings: PDF#1 PDF#2 $1950.00 Plus S/H

Complete Upgrade Kit for Froude G-490 (and similar) dynos

Froude G-490 Shaft Drawings: PDF#3 PDF#4 $1950.00 Plus S/H

Stuska Driveshaft upgrade uses an existing Starter gear on the Stuska Input Coupling.
All Parts similar to above Pics.This starter gear is modified to accept modified LORD LCD-150.
A special Shaft nut is provided that pilots the Spline coupling and keeps it centered and true.

Stuska Drawings of Drive-Shaft Upgrade: PDF#5 PDF#6 PDF#7 $1950.00 Plus S/H