Windows LINK vers4 May 2013

 Demo3 May 2009

Windows LINK version 4. Install just like any other Windows program and it can read any DEPAC file. Shows simulation of Actual test run, with MGun dots. XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8 supported
Download here (17 meg)

Demo3 Version for DOS Machines: (May 2009).
This latest LINK DOS vers3 can be downloaded and installed over your older DEPAC Dyno working Directory. Use to View, Plot, Print, and Explore the advanced features of vers3. Anyone can download and Create a Virgin install to view included test runs. All DEPAC LINK programs are free to copy and distribute and can be used to view any DEPAC generated test file.

It will not interfere with any of your dyno work. Program Starts by entering GO3. (instead of GO).

When selecting BarGraf you will get an Animated display of moving bars and numbers. This DEMO will not accept serial data from any DEPAC system. It will Not interfere with an older version installation.

Start with Configuration PRO-STK.CFG to see 3 back-to-back 4 second pulls of an NHRA Pro-Stock 500CI within 0.02% repeats. DEPAC does Not Filter Torque inputs. DEPAC does Not Smooth curves to make results look pretty, like so many other systems do. DEPAC does not make backup pulls look similar. If your engine is not repeating then this system will tell you the truth. 90% of Dyno testing is proper Interpretation of Quality Results.
Change the Inertia Factor and see the effects. Play Back realtime record of Machine Gun Dots recorded during these 4 second sweep tests.

NOTE: Some setups will NOT Allow downloads of an EXE program file. Download ZIP version here and expand >>>> Demo3.ZIP <<<<

DownLoad DEMO3 to a Floppy Disk:

 >>> Download Demo3.exe <<<

1. SAVE download file demo3.EXE to a Floppy disk.
2. RUN this self extracting compressed file (demo3.exe), that is on the Floppy.
  Do this by Entering "demo3" at the A:\ command prompt. This will expand to 6 additional files.
3. This Disk becomes an INSTALL disk for any PC you have.
4. To Install: from the DOS command prompt - - enter a:i
  From windows - - double click on a:\ i.com - - This will search your PC Drives for previous DEPAC Installs.
  Installation will place Batch files on the root c:\ drive to make it easier to run GO3

Note: You can also Install demo3 manually by entering "Install c:\dyno' at the A:\ prompt, if Step 4 does not work.

Note: Our LINK program does Not Require MS Windows to run. Run LINK from the DOS command prompt.
Note: Check if EMM386 is running so LINK can use EMS memory.
  In Config.sys file something like.... device= c:\dos\emm386.exe
  Device = HIMEN.SYS must also be in the Config.sys file.