DESCRIPTION of Vers 3.0 LINK UpGrade

Easy and Accurate Inertia error correction --- Adds up to 40 new quality input channels --- New Graphics and Mouse support --- Machine-Gun Dots on Graf-Plot curve screen --- Easy data backups --- Analyze test data automatically -- Smart and helpful prompts to improve results -- A Smart system that works With you with many new features --- 95 total channels.

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New looks at our new 1024 Graphics LINK Program vers 3.0. It is a Major UPGRADE that is available NOW. We have now more than doubled the number of channels you can input using Special Designed PC ISA slot cards (10 Chans per card). 10, 20, 30, 40 extra inputs can be added and a total channel capability of 95. Each Card comes with a matching remote plug input box. (See Card and Plug Box)

Reliable.. You do Not Need MS Windows to run this powerful program. New system encourages networking to other PCs, while keeping a reliable, dedicated, Dyno PC to connect with DEPAC box. Expanded on-line help. Program automatically detects and sets the video mode to 1024x768 and 256 colors and best viewed on a 17" or larger SVGA monitor. System uses all the PC memory available (EMS and XMS) and has greatly expanded features over our long traditional LINK program. You can Capture a Video screen with the PrntScrn Key, compressed. (see below examples)... A good tool gets better.

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A Fiber-Optic Hardware and Software LINK is available to Receive all of the data that a DEPAC processes, both in the real time and end-of-test modes. It will work with any compatible IBM (tm) 486, Pentium using DOS 3.3 or later. It is not a Windows program but we recommend networking the Dyno PC to other PCs. The hardware portion is a Fiber Optic cable which plugs into the back of DEPAC and then terminates into a special connector which plugs into the Serial COM port of the PC. Technically this link is a 56 Kbaud Light signal which is converted to an RS-232 signal inside the connector that plugs into the back of the PC's COM Port. The Software part configures the PC Serial port to receive these signals from the DEPAC System and then to further Statistically process and Display the Data with a heavy emphasis on Screen Graphics.The program features a Real Time Graphics Screen with Analog Bar graphs set up so that a quick look will show if your critical data (such as Oil Pressure or Oil Temp) are within proper range. The program automatically accepts data results from a DEPAC test run and stores them as a unique test file on the computer disk and then immediately shows you test results in a GrafPlot or spread-sheet format. This program can be configured to accept a wide range of sensor Inputs for different engine test programs and easily switch configurations.

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From this BAR-GRAF you can also SET ALARMS to Detect Out-of-Range Conditions, Like Hi OIL Temperatures and Low Oil Pressure.
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Our new MACHINE GUN Plot shows Immediate results overlayed on previous Torque Curves. This MGun plot will quickly show you if there is a problem with the engine. Each 'Bullet' shows the Average of 8 complete engine revolutions (12 revolution Average above 7500 RPM). Any Torque Scatter is very apparent. Immediate Feedback during the pull as Compared with the reference curves. New Tach indicator shows at Top during the run. Click for LARGE Pic

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2 Backup Torque UP sweeps to very high precision. Notice the Subtle shape of the Torq/Power curves because of the complex cross-over, under the car, exhast system. DEPAC does Not smooth curves BUT shows exactly what the engine is really doing. Very few engines run as well as shown. DEPAC has shown the ability to 'see' very small changes, hundreds of times smaller than anything other system.
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