Auto Dynamic Load Control LITE.
A Simple Lite (no frills) ADL version to
upgrade manual controlled dynos.
Provided as a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Kit.
One Hand Throttle Control for Automatic Load and Unload. Easy smooth Sweeps, Up or Down.

Download ADL-Lite Manual for Stuska Dynos (Updated Dec'17)
Download ADL-Lite Manual for SF Dynos (Updated Oct'17)

ADL-Lite Control Kit for Stuska® Globe Valves
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VIDEO: Thanks to Luke for an Instructive video of the ADL-Lite, with DEPAC Modified Gate valve assembly, controlling a Go-Power
dyno load and sweep of 4 cylinder..Quick Load and smooth natural Sweep. WMV -video

Nov14.. Great NEW ADL-Lite Upgrade Kit for SuperFlow absorbers.. $2250 delivered...
Tests done at Estes Automotive, 132 South Hendran Way, Nicholasville, KY 40356 (859) 881-1666
Pic#1 - - - Pic#2 - - - Pic#3 - - - Pic#4 - - - Pic#5 of controlled capacity valve and Fixed outlet..
Alcohol Modified - - - Smooth, Natural, and Stable Load sweeps (smoothly adjustable Load sweeps)..
Video of Fast Sweep Up from 4,000 to 7,000 RPM... Videos in: AVI, WMV, or Down-Load WMV Video
Moderate Fast Sweep up from 4,000 to 7,000 RPM Down-Load WMV Video
Slower Sweep-Up same Range Down-Load WMV Video
New ADL-Lite for SuperFlow absorbers operate the brake the way it should have been to start.. SO we have fixed that now by properly controling the Capacity Valve and then using an adjustable (Fixed) outlet restriction. Loads are Smooth and Natural and Sweeps are also smooth, natural, and inertial like.. DEPAC Load Controls allow the engine to 'seek' its own RPM against a stable consistent load. Sweeps are very natural, smooth, and inertial like where we allow the engine to 'seek' its own Natural Sweep rate.. The ADL-Lite allows the engine to accelerate at a rate it wants to.. So then you can Tune to get best acceleration. DEPAC ADL Controllers doing it Right...Leading the way and setting the dyno Standards by proper example....

See RPM bands where the engine is 'happy' or 'hesitating' (naturally), just like you 'feel' in the car. 'Speed control' is Obsolete and so 'old school'....

ADL-Lite for SuperFlow absorbers replaces the SF outlet control valve, Capacity Valve, and Taps into the Tach/Speed signal. An output from The ADL-Lite tells the SF electronics to start gathering data.. Simple one hand operation and no need to push the 'green button'. $2250.00 delivered.

Down-Load WMV Video

YouTube Link to ADL-Lite dyno testing single cylinder Lawn Tractor Pull engine making 70+ BHP. Just pick up the throttle and hold 6,000 RPM and Sweep down.. Pull back throttle to idle to end test.. Anyone can run the dyno now.. Notice the Longer (better) torque arm on the small Stuska 90 absorber.

Kevin Vogel // Vogel Manufacturing, 611 W Wernsing Effingham, IL, 62401, (217) 342.6949.. LINK to Web-Site

"We use the ADL-Lite for all of our water valve control operations. The ADL-Lite has made our sweep testing far more controlled and repeatable and therefore a more sound experiment for measuring both coarse and fine tuning changes. The ADL-Lite allows us to more closely simulate load conditions that we encounter in the field." Part of quote from Kevin Vogel

Jan 2011 - - ADL-Lite on Stuska 90 snowmobile testing. Al Frasca, Rome, NY
On June 16, 2013 Al Frasca Passed away in his sleep, in good health and unexpected. We lost a great friend, a good man, and good client. Rest in Peace Al.....

 Down-Load JPG image

Snowmobile 2-Stroke on Stuska 90 with ADL-Lite Control. Al Frasca of Taberg NY enjoying how easy it is to control his Stuska Dyno.
Pic of ADL motor turning multiturn needle valve. Optical pickup on starter gear.

Down-Load WMV Video

Al discovering how easy and fun it is to Set, Hold, and Sweep the peaky 2-Strokes. Test mule engine is running fat & rich (and I'm 'dying' trying to hold the video camera).

Down-Load WMV Video

Load - Unload - Load - Sweep-Up of a DIRT Big Block Modified that just ran 100 laps at the Syracuse Mile. Thanks to Pat Morrison for his help to develop the ADL-Lite system. DEPAC David at the controls (proving anyone can run a dyno with ADL Controls, even a Physicist).

Down-Load WMV Video

Video of Valve in action. Pick up throttle to Load and Un-Load. ADL-Lite worm-drive on a 1.25" Stuska® Globe valve controlling water flow into top of Stuska® 800. Engine is a DIRT SB Modified. DEPAC smart Load Stabilizing technology made simple in an inexpensive kit form.

ADL-Lite Kit for Stuska Dynos with choice of Tach options. $1750.00 delivered

ADL-Lite Stuska Valve assembly when completed.

Kit for Dynos not using the Stuska Globe flow control Valve.

ADL-Lite Kit for GP or other water brake dynos.. CHOICE of either Straight-thru
Modified Gate Valve OR 90 degree Globe Valve, 1 1/4" NPT. $1950 delivered.

Tach Input Options for ADL-Lite Load Control.

A very simple Upgrade for all Manual Controlled dynos to Full Stable Auto Load and Sweeps.

We provide a kit of parts and the ADL Technology to convert any Manual controlled dyno and to
Guarentee greatly improved dyno control and perform better than ordinary 'speed controls'.
ADL Lite is scaled down, much less expensive version of our Full performance ADL Control.

1. You provide the wiring to use with your 12 Volt Dyno Battery.
2. You mount the worm-drive motor included to turn your hand valve or dyno control.
3. Choice of Tach input sensors using existing signal or Optical Pickup to sense dyno-engine rotation.
4. You mount the simple to use Operator Control Panel.
5. Output to drive a 12V relay for the Emergency STOP feature (Ignition and Fuel Cut-off).
6. Extra cable supplied to have remote switch to command either Load Sweep UP or DOWN

Like our Full ADL Control system you have Stable Automatic Load, Unload, and Sweeps.
We Guarentee the ADL-Lite to provide significant improvement over manual dyno control.

 Add $75 for Flat Rate Box postage outside USA.

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